Ch 2: All Nighters vs Kabutowari

For the most part, the City-Runners turned a blind eye to the illicit activities that occurred in Paw City—knowing full well that Cat Punks needed to blow off some steam once in a while, just like anyone else. Moreover, they knew a little power struggle, here and there, carefully monitored, could be good for morale.

While an alliance between the All-Nighters and their numerous night clubs on the east side of Paw City, and the Kabutowari, with their entrenched drug trade on the south, would seem to make sense, egos and personalities kept that from happening.

Originally, there were minor skirmishes where their territories butted up against each other. But, somehow, the Kabutowari purchased some firepower from the Weapon-Wielders. They laid siege to twenty clubs in a single weekend, now known as the Afterparty Massacre, and killed over five hundred revelers.

From there, it escalated into a full-blown war.


Having decided enough was most certainly enough, the City-Runners sent Weapon-Wielders with clearly defined goals into the fray. Kill the top three levels of each faction and make each death as public as possible.

The next three weeks were filled with terror for the All-Nighters and the Kabutowari. One moment you’d be getting instructions from a superior, and the next, a head was rolling down the street as a body slumped to the ground.

Finally, as the last river of blood flowed into the gutters, the remaining members formed an alliance. The Kabutowari would provide drugs for a reasonable fee, and the All-Nighters would open clubs on the south side.

It was decided, as a better safe than sorry measure, both sides would pay a small but steady tribute to the Weapon-Wielders. After that, the party started anew, peace renewed, and the City Runners went back to turning a blind eye.

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