Imagine, if you will, a city wherein assassins and thugs offer their services out of brightly lit shops with vibrant signs which explain exactly what you can purchase or lease. This is the world of the Weapon-Wielders.

When the robots were building Paw City, they needed to protect their work from vandalism caused by the nomads of the wasteland. After carefully scanning the incoming Cat Punks’ genetic makeup, they discovered some early citizens showed a propensity for violence. Rather than waste them, the robots with military programming trained them and promised them free reign to peddle their newfound skills.

The deal worked well. Within a year, there was a mile-wide perimeter around the city that no nomad would breach. If the bodies rotting on crude scaffolds were disconcerting to the arriving residents, so be it. They served their purpose.

As time went on, new arrivals began to hire Weapon-Wielders for their personal needs. The City-Runners especially appreciated them as they provided a reliable method of removing malcontents and defectives.

Only the Awakened, for reasons of their own, demurred when offered the services of the Weapon-Wielders.

Despite their hyper-violent heritage, the Weapon-Wielders are respected members of society. Many new Weapon-Wielders hone their skills in the Calamity Coliseum run by the Punks. It’s a great way for them to earn a few extra creds and not die. It also saved the Weapon-Wielders from building their own training facility. Everyone looks at it as a win/win situation.

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