In the year of 2099, about 20 years after the Big Crash, which was the biggest financial crisis that led to the all-out war of the superpowers that brings most of the world to dust. The world restarted from ruin, Paw City was the first city being rebuilt and it was completed in just 5 years with the help of technology. Strangely, the city was quickly filled up with citizens and there was a rumor that they are all clones...


Punks - 55% of the population

When the Paw City citizens are called punks or call themselves punks, it is usually seen as a description of their physical persona or dress; rarely is it acknowledged that there is a mental and intellectual attitude that sets them apart. ... That's the beauty of "punk". It is being themselves, not someone else. Most of them are Triads members or low-rank employees of big corporations who rule this world.

Weaponwielders - 30% of the population

The moment they know about this world, they know they are destined with weapons. They inherited weapon mastery in their blood. Whether as a freelance guard or killer-for-hire or as of the Cityrunners' cyber-soldiers enforcing the city's law. They are one of the elite fighting machines of this Catpunk world. Feature: mechanical parts, electronic parts exposed.

Cityrunners - 10% of the population

They are like the MBAs of Paw City but with guns and blood on their hands. They are all selling their soul for big corporations, but face it, the corporations are running this world and so is this city. Their daily tasks are supervising groups of Punks and Weaponwielders for their operations - Feature: glossy, high tech.

The Awakened - 5% of the population

One day a Catpunks like everybody else was infected with a dangerous cybervirus but he survived. This cybervirus somehow injected him memory fragments showing the scary fact. So the rumor is true, all of the citizens of Paw City are clones born with a special program that determines who they are, how they think and live in this world. He was panicked with this at first but quickly determined to spread this to the outside world. He then developed a chip allowing the host to think of his own free will so he can accept this truth. Very few chips were made. The Catpunks who have this chip called themselves "The Awaken".