The working class of Paw City, Punks are the Cat Punk grunts who move the freight, tote that barge, and lift that bale. They are the dusty sweaty and sturdy backbone of Paw City. Like many working-class populations throughout history, they developed their own culture, rules, and entertainments.

Although considered coarse by their alleged betters, Punks have made themselves valuable members of the community. Both for their impressive work ethic and for their malleable ethos that allows them to join gangs while promoting “simple family lives.”

They, like all inhabitants of Paw City, had been infected by the cyber-virus. Unlike the others, however, they just didn’t care. A certain incautious lifestyle permeated all their decisions. When they weren’t working the dirty jobs, the more dangerous, the better; they were creating violent burlesques for their general entertainment.

Their Calamity Coliseum is home to some of the most intense sports known to Cat Punks. While they haven’t devolved to deathmatches, no one is ruling that out. Currently, Grinder Ball is the number one attraction, selling out the arena week after week.

Punks embody all that is loud and boisterous in life. If rules need to be bent from time to time for any cause deemed personally worthy, then those rules would be turned into four-dimensional pretzels if need be.

Nevertheless, despite their unique behaviors, and chronic individualism, they were intensely loyal when they gave their word. That’s why the gangs loved them. Once fealty was sworn, it was never questioned. The Weapon-Wielders and City-Runners appreciated this trait as well and would often retain the services of Punks for various, often nefarious, deeds. Comprising over half of the city’s population, Punks are ubiquitous and popular.

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